5 Benefits of Using Premium Business Cards Number 4 will Shock You

5 Benefits of Using Premium Business Cards Number 4 will Shock You

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No doubt business cards are significant for businessmen and company officials. A business card creates a first impression on readers’ mind and also it will talk on behalf of your personality. You might know that eye-catching business cards London will play a significant role in increasing the brand value of your business and the employees. Every employee should hold their premium business cards so that they can show it to their clients and acquaintances. And it will work as proof of identity.

1.   Creates Great Impressions

You know that the first impression always gives us some unique feeling. If your prospect of premium business cards is just wow you can easily assume that you will get the attention of your desired audiences or customers. No doubt your embossed business cards will allow your targeted customers to call you personally to talk about further services. If your business cards are eye-catching, the customer or client will keep your service in his mind and will notify you soon.

2.   Effective Marketing Tool

I know that digital marketing is going so fast and helping businesses to go viral. I am not ignoring the benefits of using digital marketing but the business card will allow you to get your local customers easily. If you check out the standard business cards produced by EZ printers you can see what features they are offering. The uniqueness of standard business cards will help you to feel the subtle touch.

3.  Premium Business Cards are Affordable

I know the budget is one of the best parts of our marketing. Before we do any type of marketing we just look after the budget. Even every small and large companies are promoting their services and products using marketing campaigns. And after reading the 1st paragraph of the article you might have seen that there are huge benefits of using cheap business cards in London. One of the best parts of business cards is that these are affordable. If you look at the uncoated business cards produced by EZ printers you can see the beautiful designs and the materials used to make the business cards London. Uncoated Business cards are made with 350gsm uncoated.

4.   You will Get Free Artwork Check and Free Delivery

EZ printers are offering different types of business card printing services at an affordable price. And the most exciting part of it is you will get free artwork check and free delivery. You have to just upload your design or you can see samples to choose your design.

5.   Business Card Printing Offers Versatility

Whether the business is small or large, you can make your business visible to a lot of people. By using a business card you can easily promote your services. For this, you have to add your business information to your business card printing near me. Make sure you have added the necessary information in your business cards so that people can easily get in touch with you.

Get Eye-Catching Business Cards from EZ Printers

Standard Business Cards

EZ Printers are offering eye-catching business card printing in London. You can have a look at standard business cards which is made with 450gsm silk and you can get both side printing. You can also get one side printing if you want.

Duplex Business Cards

Duplex Business Cards are made with 600gsm and 650gsm materials. You can also get both side printing can order containing black, blue, pink and red colors. Free artwork check and free delivery are available.

Uncoated Business Cards

Uncoated Business cards are so famous among the people who bought it. You will get these business cards made with 350gsm uncoated. Both Side Printing is also available.

Triplex Business Cards

Triplex Business cards are high-quality cards that will help you to grab the attention of your targeted customers.

Step by Step Instructions to Print Well Designed Newsletter to Increase Sales and Profit

Step by Step Instructions to Print Well Designed Newsletter to Increase Sales and Profit

Regardless of whether your business is little or huge, you are highly in need of marketing campaigns. Without legitimate and effective promoting, your organization will never get enough deals and benefits. If you are offering any product, then you are badly in need of local marketing. We know that this is the digital marketing era, and we are influenced by online marketing. These newsletter marketing campaign works to get huge visitors to our website and shops and from the website that visitor can reach our shop or business place. But what about traditional marketing? Today newsletter is one of the best marketing tools used by small and large companies regularly.

As a business, it is natural to target local customers. Newsletters will help you in this regard, to keep connections with the local audience. A good newsletter easily promotes the agenda and scheme of a business. EZ printers can help you to make good quality newsletters. They have experienced designers that can enable you to make eye-catching newsletters. You can consult them any time you want to get a briefing of what a successful newsletter is like. They also provide unmatched quality when it comes to their products.

newsletter printing

If your company is launching a new product or service, you should use a newsletter to endorse or promote the product or services. Simply because a newsletter promulgates the agenda you are trying to propagate very easily. So, to promote your business you should invest in good newsletters.

 Along with this, your newsletter should have a couple of important elements. It can be a detailed overview of your products or services that you want to promote. You can consult with your content-writer to provide you some eye-catching lines about your products and services. This will help you to grab the attention of the local audiences. In a newsletter you should add your company name with eye-catching font, should add your tagline, add your company phone number, etc. make sure you have added all the text with the eye-catching font.

Try and add a variance of vibrant colors to stand out. In London, I would recommend EZ printers. They have huge experience in this field and will be able to provide you with ample support. They will most definitely hook you up with high-quality newsletters. Investing in newsletters will enable you to avail of huge promotional and endorsing capabilities.

Wedding and invitation cards

Wedding and invitation cards

Got an idea for a unique wedding card invitation? You can surprise your guest by printing your own design wedding invitation card. At ez printers, we use one of the highest technological printing equipment available. One of the printing methods we use is most commonly known as “flat printing”. This option offers you the most versatility at the lowest price so you can order a bulk of cards without hurting your budget. More option to customise, quick turnaround, so the moment you send a file to us we can immediately print.best wedding card free artwork check london ec3 near me

We provide a range of quality papers including our luxury range. On top of that, we offer customised size from A4 to A7 and DL, we even do die-cut trims. You can practically choose any size you desire. We use many different printing techniques, so if you’re after something unique then we have you covered. Just to give you an explanation in one of our printing techniques, let’s take hot foil stamping as an example. Foil stamping or printing is a unique process that uses solid, metallic colours and creates a slight impression onto paper. You will see a shimmery indentation in the form of your design. Although nothing says ultra-elegance like gold foil, there is no shortage of other shades to choose from silver, white, copper, black, pink, purple etc. Foil stamping wedding invitations require a heavy, high-quality paper to withstand the indentation of the print. It is an ideal printing method to use if you want to impress your guests with luxury, indulgence and elegance. Foil stamping appears to be a pretty extravagant printing method – all the connotations surrounding gold foil make us think of gold leaf, royalty and wealth. Combine this with contemporary design and you have a wedding invitation to remember.

Another popular printing method we also provide which is very common, digital embossing. It almost adds a three-dimensional look, it’s subtle yet effective. This printing method has been hailed as one of the most effective to land an impression on anyone with their name on it. It shows the great importance that guest/individual may feel when handed an invitation card of this type of quality.

At ez printers, we pride ourselves on having one of the best printing services at the heart of East London. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start printing with us! If you don’t have a design ready then we got you covered there as well. We have a dedicated team of designers in house and we have readymade templates just in case it didn’t go according to your plan for the invitation cards.

As a customer, you can usually get an immediate quote and have your order printed on-demand with digital printing as it is the fastest method. The other methods are usually treated as custom. You’ll need a design ready to send for a quote. Printing can take up to weeks, so if you want a premium printing method with your unique design for your invitation card, be sure to plan ahead!

Roller, Pop-up, Stand or Exhibition banner

Roller, Pop-up, Stand or Exhibition banner

Roller banners, they actually go by many names but just to name a few such as pop-up, stand up, pull up also exhibition banner, they all are correct funnily enough. Our roller banners are strong and durable and include a carry case which is nice and light and on the go. They are made of PVC (which is basically a strong and plastic-like material), they are very mostly used for special events such as business events to showcase new business ideas. They are also used for promoting products and services. These standard roller banners are a great way of showing a product to customers and fantastic for advertising too! Put them outside your business or use them outside a conference or venue. They will work just about anywhere and draw attention to them. You can even use them for displaying information or directions. Make your presence stand out and get more noticed by new customers with a stand banner! These stand personalised banners can both be used for professional and personal use and you can have them double-sided! Forgot to add, we also do mini roller banners as well. It’s a great lightweight companion that goes well when you’re for example in a sales meeting or showing off a food product in a retail store.

We also provide PVC Banners with the options of eyelets or pole pockets. We use top high-quality material which is durable and you can choose either 440gsm or 550gsm PVC material. We use the best printing equipment available, whether it is indoor or for outdoor we have you covered as we use UV inks which is excellent against all weather and we can assure you the colours don’t fade. We have a large range of customised sizing which can go be anything to your liking. If you cannot find the size you want or cannot decide on a size, please contact us and we will be happy to advise on your custom-sized banner. PVC banners are made to last a very long time and you will not be disappointed with the premium durable quality they are able to provide. PVC banners are quite versatile as you can just about place them anywhere be it on the wall or outside to a railing.

Everyone can tell you they use high-quality PVC material roller banners near me in ukbut you must be asking yourself why us? It is very simple, really. At ez printers, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service and if you check our feedback on Google, you can see that we always have a 5-star rating and we want to keep it that way because we always strive to only make it seamless and simple for our customers. There are many printing companies out there that may be able to print the same as us with the quality but we want to give a personal customer service showing that you the customer are confident in our product and quality services and I don’t think anyone can match us there.

At ez printers, we pride ourselves on having one of the best printing services at the heart of East London. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start printing with us! If you don’t have a design ready then we got you covered there as well. We have a dedicated team of designers in house and we have readymade templates just in case it didn’t go according to your plan. Furthermore, we make sure we do quality checks to ensure that our customers are not left with a bad print.  As a customer, you can usually get an immediate quote and have your order printed on-demand with banner printing. You’ll need a design ready to send for a quote. Be sure to plan ahead! One of the best things about our business is that we always have happy returning customers, so happy in fact they return on the same day for another design because they love the quality we provide. All of our customers have left 100% positive feedback and this pushes us further to always give only the best customer service as we mentioned before.

We cannot forget to mention there are special offers available for our new members.

Before submitting your artwork to us, be sure to check our Artwork Guidelines which we have provided for your convenience.

Turnaround time: Artwork must be produced before 1.00 pm within the order date or your order will be delayed, if you require further assistant then please do not forget to hesitate and call.

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