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It’s that time of year where you need to start and design a new flyer for that special event. They have an excellent impact on the public. Simply because it’s bold with its deep colours and straight to the point and catches each passer-by. Sometimes a badly designed flyer will get zero interest. That’s because it has crammed too much information that tries to compete for attention. Personally for me, if I were to walk by someone who is giving out flyers and the moment I see too much information without anything eye-catching, I’ll simply just avoid it.

A simple design tip with your flyer design is having white large spaces around the information. It usually calls your readers’ attention to the main focus of your flyer. Clutter is never a good thing, so be sure whatever you’re designing keep in mind the spacing.

Our company is focused on the design so that the flyer provides eye-catching information and is a head-turner. After all, you want to show your customers and visitors that you’ve got what they want to see. We provide the highest quality paper available and yes, they do make a huge first impression if a passer-by happens to take one. No one wants to hand out cheap-looking flyers. Try choosing for a fancy lamination finish, you just automatically increased the chance of your flyer being kept as the quality is better than quantity as say. Lamination finish isn’t as expensive as you think, trust us!

There are a few flyer sizes to choose from. So let’s focus on A6 and A5 as they are the most popular of the bunch. Starting with the most popular, the A5 are excellent because they’re not too big nor too small and are very cost-effective. The A6, we’ve found that they are ideal for clubs, door to door posting, they also make excellent postcards.

Very important advice you have to be aware of. No matter how beautiful your design is on your flyer and the detail you put into it, make sure you don’t have any typos in your information. That’s right, the whole thing can look very unprofessional and look amateur.  We all make mistakes and of course, they can be overlooked from time to time. However, if you’re working on a flyer then I’m sure you can’t find an excuse not to proofread what is on your flyer, also get someone else to read through it too and maybe they may see something that you did not and save you the embarrassment!cheap instant last minute quality single and double sided 170gsm matt flyers leaflets printing shop in east london brick lane near me

Your business is something only you will know inside and out. So when you’re putting any information on a flyer, go back to the basics and try not involving too much jargon. Just stick to the point and have a clear message as to what you want your target audience to read on your flyer.

So you’ve created this stunning flyer that you’re extremely proud of and cannot be prouder. You spent many hours thinking of multiple designs from typography to iconography. You’ve printed your flyer and have been distributing for the last couple of days but then suddenly you realise something, there are no contact details at all! Sure, there could be a few that will be bothered to use a search engine but those who don’t will be lost and they will be the majority. So make sure have a form of contact information on your flyer, it could be your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page because you obviously want to be contacted.

Last but not least, always write about the benefits of your business, product or event as people want to know, what they will get out of it. You know the old saying ‘what’s in it for me?’ You need to make the reader feel like they need this product or they need to be part of this business or event. You almost want to make it as if it were a necessity in their life. Making them feel that your service is the solution to solving a problem.

So now that you’ve read through all of this, I hope this helps you to produce a great flyer. You’ve pretty much ticked all the boxes if you take everything mentioned here on board.

One of the best things about our business is that we always have happy returning customers, so happy in fact they return on the same day for another design because they love the quality we provide. All of our customers have left 100% positive feedback and this pushes us further to always give only the best customer service!

Remember at ez printers we only use the finest of papers, the highest quality of printing equipment available. Order from the best and let us help you bring your success to the next level. Don’t forget we also provide free artwork check and free delivery so don’t delay any further.