Best Takeaway Menu Design at Low Cost

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Are you searching for takeaway menu design at Low Cost? Let’s talk about takeaway menu design and help you with a few guidelines. Then we can hopefully make a decision with. Most people tend to think restaurant menus and takeaway menus are the same. But there a few differences that we need to be aware of.

Obviously, we know some of the times we have a postman or a local post/flyer boy would post folded leaflets, these types of flyers generally have a gloss finish to them. The cheapest takeaway menu design is to go for the 130gsm gloss finish. Speaking of a paperweight, let’s further discuss what type of size paper we use and their weight. We have a huge plethora of selection and we’ll name them especially for you.

Takeaway Menu Design Structure

From the traditional size of A3 and A3, we also have the following sizes: B4, A4+, A4 Long and A3 Long. All of the paper sizes mentioned we have them in silk, gloss and matt finish. All three also mentioned that they come with 130gsm 150gsm and 170gsm. It is only the matt finish do you have a different paper selection of 100gsm and 120gsm. It is important to note who will be your target audience. Will it be homes or restaurants? Because with homes, I would personally go 150gsm with a gloss finish but hey, what do I know.

MENU-DL- Banner

It’s all about nailing it the first time and so if you’re planning to distribute for the first time then I would say, go with the higher quality and print with 170gsm with the gloss finish. Now we can go with many different styles for your takeaway menu design, it can be either a flyer or it can be a folded leaflet.

Generally speaking, you are most likely going to pick the latter option, folded leaflets. If not we still can give tips on either flyers or folded leaflets. With the folded leaflets, you should use the most common fold which is simply, the single folded or the half-folded is clearly the most common choice. When it comes to folded leaflet designs. They open the same way as a book and therefore very simple and you can have your message read in a chronological manner. So I can see why this would be a good and safe choice.

Takeaway Menu

A very important advice you have to be aware of. No matter how beautiful your takeaway menu design is on your flyer and the detail you put into it, make sure you don’t have any typos in your information. That’s right, the whole thing can look very unprofessional and look amateur.  We all make mistakes and of course, they can be overlooked from time to time. However, if you’re working on a flyer then I’m sure you can’t find an excuse not to proofread what is on your flyer, also get someone else to read through it too and maybe they may see something that you did not and save you the embarrassment.

So you’ve created this stunning flyer or folder that you’re extremely proud of and cannot be prouder. You spent many hours thinking of multiple takeaway menu design from typography to iconography. You’ve printed your flyer and have been distributing for the last couple of days but then suddenly you realize something. There are no contact details at all! Sure, there could be a few that will be bothered to use a search engine but those who don’t will be lost and they will be the majority. So make sure have a form of contact information on your flyer, it could be your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page because you obviously want to be contacted.

Takeaway Menu Printing

At EZ printers we provide quality takeaway menu design print and fold to the style you wish to print in and obviously, you’re in charge in which type of material paper you wish to use. Whether it is silk, gloss or uncoated we have you covered. We provide free artwork check and free delivery also. We specialize in providing We have it all ready for you and can deliver fast enough. So you can start promoting your great business and make it successful as fast as possible.

Why not give us a contact us today? You can check out our website, email, phone us or even visit our store. We are based at the heart of East London near the Whitechapel area and right next to the city. We aim to deliver the best customer service possible. It is something we strive for and will always try to satisfy, check our Google review and you can see we only get 5-star reviews!