High Quality Poster Printing UK from EZ Printers

Poster Printing UK, where to begin? It’s that huge special event coming up. And you want to publicize yourself or your special event as much as possible. We have a fantastic service that you’ll be shocked and impressed by.

We instantly print all the way up to A0 and yes that will be instant. Anything bigger than that then you may need to wait 2-3 working days and that case we’ll happily bring out the big guns on for these types of poster printing uk. At EZ printers we use high-quality large format printers so we know got you covered in any size.

poster printing uk

The papers we use come in a few finishes and they range from gloss, bond, matt, silk or satin finish. They also range from 160gsm, 180gsm and 260gsm being the heaviest of them in this range. We can give a customizable poster and deliver the best printing service. You can rely on us that your poster will be a head turner it deserves to be.

Now let’s discuss some of the sizes that you may have in mind to use to promote the business or special event. As mentioned before we have a specialized high quality, photo quality large format printer and so we are prepared to take on some of the largest papers to print, such as A0.

Poster Printing UK

So you have a few different poster sizes but you want to start with A0 which as a quick reminder, we can instantly print. You can choose from the many different high-quality paper finish we have in the selected paperweight. Whether it be gloss, matt, satin etc. we got you covered in those areas. A0 is about being the disrupter in the room, the one that makes people silent and focuses. It’s one of the best options you should go for when promoting a business, special event, hot deal etc. The moment we receive your design we will instantly print it and have it ready for you to collect in store or we can arrange a next day tracked delivery service., because you know it’s EZ for us.

Moving on to A2, obviously, it is nowhere big as A0 but I like this. It’s still a large poster but it’s something I would choose something specific to showcase in exhibitions or shop windows. Maybe do a cheeky one and place it in the London underground as you go past various other posters.

Almost forgot to mention, we also provide custom poster strips so it’s trimmed to the size you want like for example an A1 size but strip. We also have fantastic in-house graphic designers if you’re unsure of your artwork. They can help you put any final touches and what’s more your order will still be printed instantly upon design approval.

High in Quality Poster Printing UK

Let’s talk about some of the finishes that go into it and we’ll use the Gloss paper finish as an example. If your business needs pure high quality and dare I say the epitome of quality for posters. Then our gloss posters are definitely what you want to be printing with. And I can already imagine a huge cheeseburger on those types of posters because they look delicious on gloss.

Your customers are sure to get the message. You can already tell that team at EZ printers know exactly what to do when a job is given to them. We are always striving our hardest to always builda fantastic customer relationship. And I think so far we have been achieving that.

At EZ printers we pride ourselves on having one of the best Poster Printing UK services at the heart of East London. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start printing with us! If you don’t have a design ready then we got you covered there as well. We have a dedicated team of designers in-house. And we have readymade templates just in case it didn’t go according to your plan. As a customer, you can usually get an immediate quote. Then have your order printed on-demand with poster printing UK as it is the fastest method.

You’ll need a design ready to send for a quote. Be sure to plan ahead! One of the best things about our business is that we always have happy returning customers. So happy in fact they return on the same day for another design because they love the quality we provide. All of our customers have left 100% positive feedback. and this pushes us further to always give only the best customer service!