Plastic Card Printing with Litho Print

For our Plastic Card Printing, we use litho printing and that is because of a few reasons. The litho print is highly recommended on plastic card printing than any other printing methods. Whether it is direct to card printing, also known as D2T2 (Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer) or Inkjet. We will always use litho printing because it gives the best print quality possible.

On our side of quality, we stock 760 Micron PVC cards, which are the same thickness as your credit/debit card. We provide full color on both sides as well. Whether it is the standard card, HiCo Magnetic Stripe, LoCo Magnetic Stripes, encoding, signature panel we have you covered in all those areas.

plastic_card printing

Let’s discuss the reason we use litho print as our favorite printing technique to use and the benefit it has. To start litho printing is a technique where the inked image is transferred from a metal plate to a rubber blanket. Typically, the plates are then attached to a cylinder in the press. Ink is applied to the plate’s image area. And transferred directly to the paper also have special inks available such as gold and silver metallics.

Photogloss Litho Printed PVC Plastic Cards

The litho print isn’t just solely made for the plastic card printing, it can also be printed on paper too such as calendars. The high-quality consistent image you get it with is unmatched and you cannot find any form of pixilation. It instantly dries and is ready to be used. A litho print is also a more traditional type of print going back as far as the 1970s. It is accepted that litho printing is a higher quality printing method than digital print, especially when you’re working with solid colors and the machines are also much faster.

There is a huge difference between digital and litho printing that you must be aware of. Unlike digital printing, litho uses the Pantone reference guide aka solid colors. The advantage of Pantone is that it can produce consistent color and achieve the exact color. There’s a lot of jargon being thrown around and trust me, I know the feeling. In layman terms, the design you send to us we send it to the litho printer which then engraves the design onto a metal plate.

That plate is then covered in the ink and then rolled onto the paper and then you’ll see during the print you’ll have almost a perfect copy of your design.


Depending on the work that is given to us, we can print and have it ready to be collected the same day. We’re often asked if we are able to do a specific or unique custom printing, even if it’s not shown specifically on our website.

Almost always, the answer is yes. As you are aware that you can collect directly from our shop, we also provide expedited tracked delivery within the UK mainland so you don’t have to worry about which day your order arrives.

Photogloss Litho Printed

At EZ printers, we pride ourselves on having one of the best printing services at the heart of East London. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start printing with us! If you don’t have a design ready then we got you covered there as well. We have a dedicated team of designers in-house and we have readymade templates just in case it didn’t go according to your plan for the invitation cards.

As a customer, you can usually get an immediate quote and have your order printed on-demand with litho printing. As it is the fastest method. The other methods are too but we recommend litho because of the high quality you get from it, which is absolutely stunning. You’ll need a design ready to send for a quote.

Be sure to plan ahead! One of the best things about our business is that we always have happy returning customers. So happy in fact they return on the same day for another design because they love the quality we provide. All of our customers have left 100% positive feedback. And this pushes us further to always give only the best customer service!
Order from the best in the business and bring you success to the next level. High-quality print and we always get excellent customer satisfaction! We are aiming for the best quality and best customer satisfaction feedback. So don’t delay and print with us as soon as you’re ready because it is EZ for us to print. What are you waiting for? Give us a call or pop into our shop!